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Nvidia 's AI makes a breakthrough in ray tracing(computer graphics): Nvidia' AI that started out in 2017 as something that was not expected to do as much as it has already done like enriching graphics, transforming huge amounts of medical data into life saving breakthroughs, identifying diseases with a simple drop of blood, finding new ways to bring cures to the market faster, helping crops to flourish with optimal materials, customer assistance, self driving vehicles, analysis of various things in search for solutions etc. This AI became popular due to the Isaac robot simulator program. This got rid of programming and let the AI or robot think and learn on its own. Of course initially it was inefficient but after they found out that the robot could successfully learn something like hockey they wanted to make it efficient. This is where their idea of a virtual world comes in. They crated a program that takes the brain of a robot and puts it in a virtual world where it is allowed to try as much as it likes to achieve a certain task. This virtual world follows the laws of our world except for time. In this world a robot can practice its goal in very less time therefore becoming efficient. This AI has now made a breakthrough in computer graphics. ray tracing which is a method used for non real time instances due to its low computing speed has now been turned into a more faster computing one to handle real time gaming systems. Ray tracing is normally used to enhance effects bye understanding how our eye works, but was unable to handle on going instances like gaming and that was why it was limited to only movies.But now thanks to the AI and the quadro GV100 it is now possible to use get high quality graphics by using ray tracing for games as well. This also cuts the cost to 1/5 the original and takes 1/7 the original time taken. Issued by BTM layout robotic center
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