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This Terrifying Robot Wolf is protecting the crops of Japanese Farmers. For the last eight months, farms near Kisarazu City in Japan have been home to a horrifying robot wolf. But don’t worry; it wasn’t created to terrorize local residents (although, from the looks of the thing, it probably did). Its official name is “Super Monster Wolf, ” and engineers designed it to stop animals from eating farmers’ crops. In truth, the story of the robot wolf is more than a little sad. As Motherboard reports, wolves went extinct in Japan in the early 1800s. A state-sponsored eradication campaign. Now, parts of Japan are overrun with deer and wild boar. They love to feast on farmers’ rice and chestnut crops. Obviously, farmers do not love this. Fast forward 200 years and humans create a robotic wolf to replace the species they killed off. But there is some good here. The first official trial of the robot wolf just ended and surprised it was a resounding success. In fact, it was such a success that the wolf is entering mass production next month. Content gathered by BTM robotics training center, robotics in Bangalore, stem education in Bangalore, stem education in Bannerghatta road, stem education in JP nagar, robotics training centers in Bannerghatta road, robotics training centers in JP nagar, robotics training for kids, robotics training for beginners, best robotics in Bangalore.
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